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  • At essence, Lies Van Hee’s visual work is an expression of her love for the 'quiet whisper', the vibrating expansive quality she experiences at the heart of everything, and connects to most deeply in nature.


    Her practice becomes a form of digestion, as much a quest for refuge and solace as it is a joyful celebration, infused with intense curiosity and a lifelong pull towards metaphysics and the mystical. She explores themes of translation, conversation and communion from within this dynamic stillness, shifting between mediums that include drawing, photography, movement, writing and mixed media.


    The poetic and the personal get traced along embodied soul-lines in the process, a journey of fascination; clarity and depth; healing, collective prayer and playful dreamings.


    Reflections of her own ongoing journey in aligning body, mind and heart, Lies merges diverse art disciplines dedicated to the world of the Embodied Soul. Her practice is a celebration of movement, drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, installations for intentional / healingspaces and our human Nature.

    Lies received her MA in Fine Arts (sculpture and space) in 2007 at Luca School of Arts in Ghent. Originally born in Belgium, she is deeply inspired by the moors of Devon, where she currently resides with her son.