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    Warm welcome to all who wish to explore creative, intentional practice embodied in daily life.




    contact us: liesvanhee25@gmail.com

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    Journeys to the chemical elements


    Craftmongers Ashburton


    Ashburton Craftmongers

    32 North Street



    TQ13 7QD


    contact us: liesvanhee25@gmail.com

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    Go wherever you wish for verely you are well protected


    28/04 - 02/05

    5 Park Road, Dartington Hall Estate

    opening times and programme



    For the duration of one week, the chambers at 5 Park Road, host a field of continuity between people, animals and other sentient matter.

    The exhibition showcases artifacts, amuletts, processess and performances. It evokes microtones from beyond the grasp of reason, muscular consiousness accessible to our senses and relies on the underlying universal pulse.



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    In this dark moment of escalating violence and death of innocent civilians
    in Israel/Gaza and the occupied West Bank we invite you to join us for this community gathering. We will dance our hopes, dreams and prayers for peace and listening held by a Movement Medicine ceremony structure.

    Inviting whatever is arising in our hearts at this particular moment in time to
    be expressed and welcomed by the dance. We will dance with what we meet
    within ourselves; what lives in the spaces between us and others; within community, including all of life on earth; with those that have gone before and those that are yet to come and our relationship with the great mystery of it all.

    We wish to gather to be together and dance at this particular moment to raise funds for peace efforts in Israel/Palestine.

    We will be donating all proceeds, after expenses have been met, to Combatants for Peace cfpeace.org and Medical Aid for Palestinians map.org.uk.
    Medical Aid for Palestinians works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. Providing immediate medical aid to those in great need, while also developing local capacity and skills to ensure the long-term
    development of the Palestinian healthcare system.

    Combatants for Peace is a bi national organisation of Israelis and Palestinians who, despite
    the intractable narrative of separation, hate, fear and vengeance, continue to engage in a joint struggle to end the occupation of the West
    Bank and the siege of Gaza. They are committed to the restoration of basic human rights for the Palestinian people and seeking a just,
    secure, peaceful and prosperous future for both peoples.

    The event will be led by:
    Ben Yeger, Rosie Perks, Jo Hardy, Christian de Sousa, all of whom are Movement Medicine teachers and facilitators. Equally important members of the event creation team are Emilio Mula, Lies van Hee and Sarah

    Venue: Studio 6, Lower Close, Dartington Hall, Totnes, TQ9 6EN, UK map for parking and directions
    Parking is in the main car park at Dartington.

    Times: 6 - 9.30pm
    Arrival from 5.45pm. Doors close at 6.30pm.

    Cost: £20/30/£40/£50 you chose, please be as generous as you can.
    Also, if you really wish to be there but the lowest amount is an issue please get in touch.
    Book in person tickets here:
    Online at Bookwhen (Jo Hardy Conscious Dance Space)