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    Warm welcome to all who wish to explore creative, intentional practice embodied in daily life.


    Dartington Church Hall,

    7.15pm - 9.30pm




    contact us: liesvanhee25@gmail.com

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    Journeys to the chemical elements


    Craftmongers Ashburton


    Ashburton Craftmongers

    32 North Street



    TQ13 7QD


    contact us: liesvanhee25@gmail.com

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    Go wherever you wish for verely you are well protected


    28/04 - 02/05
    5 Park Road, Dartington Hall Estate
    opening times and programme


    For the duration of one week, the chambers at 5 Park Road, host a field of continuity between people, animals and other sentient matter.

    The exhibition showcases artifacts, amuletts, processess and performances. It evokes microtones from beyond the grasp of reason, muscular consiousness accessible to our senses and relies on the underlying universal pulse.